World Dog Show 2012 Salzburg

We had a memorable two days in Salzburg. We started in Saturday early morning and afternoon we walked sightseeing lovely streets of Salzburg.

Certainly because of the Word-Dog-Show the town was full of beautiful dogs. Being a musician, I tried to imagine myself to the world of Mozart, he was one of the most fantastic composers ever. Our accomodation was also in a charming little village sorrounded by large mountains. After supper I already was very excited of the forthcoming day.

The long-waited day had come: 2012 Word-Dog-Show Salzburg. A wide set of beautiful tibetan spaniels had attended: 65 fantastic dogs. I have already seen many of them in Internet but now was the first time I could see them personally. It was a great feeling.

Achilleus in puppy class got “Very promising 3” title. He is the first puppy of my own kennel, it is a very good result, thank you very much!

Zorka in junior class achieved “Excellent 4” award, it is a really excellent result, thank you for the good review!

It was a very edifying competition between may wonderful tibbies, with a great success. I’m very proud of my dogs.

WDS 2012 Salzburg 1/4 WDS 2012 Salzburg 2/4 WDS 2012 Salzburg 3/4 WDS 2012 Salzburg 4/4

Translation: Hungarian

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