History of our kennel

Kennel founders

Kennel founders

From my early childhood I always loved animals. During summer holidays in my grandparents’ village house I kept playing with them in the yard. Then when I lived in a house wit garden, I had a nice scottish collie. But then I happened to move to a city flat and beeing a mum of 3 children I had no time and place to own a dog.

About 12 years ago a small adopted puppy was gifted us: Liza.  Her good look and wonderful personality was the main reason for starting a kennel. Many people kept asking us about her, so we wanted puppies like her.  In January 2006 we mated her with a nice tibetan boy.

Three little puppy was born, this was a wonderful,  determinative experience for me. Within 8 weeks the small newborns became active, wonderful puppies. All of them has a good new home, we keep connection with all the three adopting families, they love them.

Being more than 12 years old, Liza will not be having a baby any more.  This time I became interested in breeding dogs, especially tibetan spaniels.  I want many new litters, the way “real” breeders do it…

At the spring of 2009 I attended a breeder course of Hungarian Kennel Club (MEOE) Here I could learn much useful things about breeding and I could get to know many breeders and dog owners, I also got many new friends.

Breeder certificate

My breeder certificate

In 2010 I registered the Brill Padme kennel name and started this homepage at the beginning of 2011.

Our first real show- and breeding bitch is Perfect Lady (Mona). In 2011 she was the most sucessful tibetan spaniel of Hungary, international champion, Hungarian- and Serbian champion, Slovakian Grand Champion. At the end of 2011, our first litter was born. 

Our Playpoint Finnish Kiss (Zora) was a star of 2012 dog-shows. At the spring season she fulfilled all the terms of being Hungaria Junior Champion, Slovakian Junior Champion and Austrian Junior Champion. She continued her success story and till the end of the year became Hungarian Champion, Serbian Champion, Slovakian Champion and Croatian Champion!

The new face of the year: Achilleus Brill Padme (Achi) who started his show-carreer breezily. He is our first little Brill Padme! We hope he will be also successful and achieve good results for our kennel.

Translation: Hungarian

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