Illustrated standard and common problems

According to the standard of Australian Kennel Council and the Tibetan Spaniel Association of Victoria Inc. Drawings made by Deidre Hunt

Balance and type:BalanceYou can see left the correct balance and type. The middle picture shows too long body, roached back and too short legs. The right picture shows too square body and too long legs.

Skull shape:SkullThe correct skull is slightly doomed, moderate width and lenght. The middle picture shows too round skull and short muzzle. The right pic shows too square skull and too long muzzle.

Nose and muzzle:NoseLeft you can see the correct muzzle with slight stop. The skin on the muzzle should not be wrinkled as in the right picture.

Eyes:EyesThe correct eyes are dark-brown, oval, medium size and expressive. Too round or slanting eyes are incorrect.

Ears:EarsThe correct ears are set fairly high, medium size, pendant. They may shift a little from the skull but should not fly. The middle picture illustrates too low set, while the right pic shows flying ears.

Teeth:TeethA slight undershot is desirable. Teeth should be evenly placed and the lower jaw is wide between the canine tusks. Level bite is permissible but overshot, scissors or too heavy undershot expressing the teeth are errors.

Forequarters:ForequartersThe shoulders should be slightly bowed. The middle pic shows too straight, while the right pic shows too bowed forelegs.

Hindquarters:HindquartersLooking from beyond, the legs should be straight. Cow hocks or bow hocks are undesired.

Stifle:StifleLeftmost you can see the correct stifle: hocks well left down. This is followed by a correct hare foot with feathering on toes. The right two pics show too straight stifle, too long hocks and cat foot. These are errors.

Tail:TailCorrect tail set high, richly plumed and carried in a gay curl over back when moving. Middle you can see too tight curl, right too low set tail showed. Tibetan spaniel should not penalise for dropping tail when standing.

Translation: Hungarian

Elnézést, a hozzászólás ezen a részen nem engedélyezett.