Nausi in the garden of our week-end house

Nausi in the garden of our week-end house

Love for the first sight…

I found Nausi on the Net in January 2009. I was enchanted at once. I thought we need a new friend for our old Liza, a young-making puppy to brighten her. So we bought Nausi.

She is a registered Tibetan Spaniel with a good ancestors but because of a genetic defect we don’t breed her, she is only a pet dog.

She has so merry and kind temperament that everybody becomes attached to her at once. Nausi is a childlike princesse. As somebody had said, she keeps to think that World is small and everybody is friendly. Her little heart is full of love and favour.

Tibetan spaniel is not a well-known or favourite breed in Hungary (I don’t know why) but many people keep stopping us in the streets and ask about Nausi. She is a living advertisement for this breed.

The became good friends and playfellows wit Mona (Perfect Lady). Both of them accept Lisa as the chief of their drove.

Look at this gallery of assorted Nausi pictures!

Translation: Hungarian

Elnézést, a hozzászólás ezen a részen nem engedélyezett.