A picture of her younghood

A picture of her younghood

The beginning…

Liza (or in English pronunciation Lisa) arrived to our family at the Chirstmas of 2000 as a christmas gift form my daughter. She was an adopted puppy. (Sha had slipped out from a little giftbox and the children has asked with surprise if “she was real or toy”)

She is not registered (no pedigree) so with our vet we tried to find out which breed is the closest match to her. This was the first time I had heard about Tibetan Spaniels. Liza is ‘mostly’ a tibbie, with a slight pekingese in her shape. Her habit, temperament if fully a tibetan spaniel, far from the arrogance and stubbornness of a pekingese.

She is highly intelligent, she could adapt to our family really fast. His playfulness and kindness made her the real pet of all of us. As the time passed, she became a real family member.

After a few years I started to interested in this breed and to think about breeding…

Liza now lives with us with more than 10 years and we hope she will remain with us or a long time…

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Translation: Hungarian

Elnézést, a hozzászólás ezen a részen nem engedélyezett.