05/02/2012 MEOE-ATK annual remuneration dinner

Perfect Lady Perla Mahagon (Mona) and Xanto Perla Mahagon (Xanti) achieved a fantastic remuneration again: The annual awards of Hungarian Kennel Club were assigned in a ceremonial dinner at the Gastland M0 restaurant and conference center. The most successful dogs of year 2011 were awarded. Mona Achieved “Dog of the year 2011” prize. Judge Attila Czeglédi (H) and the court of judges made a special review of the 10 most successful dogs, and Mona achieved 5th place of them!  Congratulations! The most successful tibetan spaniel of Hungary now finishing her show-carreer in order to have babies! Thank you Mona!

MEOE-ATK 2012 1 MEOE-ATK 2012 2

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